our story

961 Beer began during the dark days of the July 2006 siege on Lebanon. Tired with the lack of quality beer in Lebanon, entrepreneur Mazen Hajjar and his beer-loving friends began brewing in his very own kitchen, batches of 20 L. kettles. Granted that war and blockades were not the ideal conditions to start a company, and while many were telling them they were mad to even consider it, they persevered, succeeded, and began raising awareness on the attractiveness and benefits of Craft Beer across the entire region, pushing further beyond borders and ultimately expanding globally.

In 2012, the 961 Lager won the Gold Medal for “Best Lager” at the Hong Kong International Beer Awards. Another notable inception was the brand’s invention of a unique infusion of a craft, in partnership with the world-renowned and leading Danish Brewmeister Anders Kissmeyer, spawning and giving rise to the Nation’s pride and select beer: the ‘Lebanese Pale Ale’.

Today, the company is mainly owned by Managing Partner Kamal Fayad, a French Lebanese Investor who saw the potential in the quality of 961 Beers, making this brew part of his everyday life. Setting a new vision and plan to empower the brand further, Mr. Fayad helped promote and boost the idea of a natural and health-conscious beer, keeping the torch in the hand of the brand that first lit the path of the Lebanese Craft Beer Movement.   

961 Beer really stands as the ‘BRAVE NEW BEER!’, and is a success story. We are the #1 leading Craft Beer manufacturer in the Lebanon, an anchor brand to all beer enthusiasts both locally and internationally. Gaining wide popularity in time, 961 Beer now exports its Beers to 15+ nations worldwide. Offering a distinct select of 6 masterfully brewed crafts, in addition to a satiating Pilsner (The Lebanese Brew), 961 Beer is geared for taking on new heights. The best is yet to come, as 961 continues to grow brew with just the right attitude and outlook.

Stay tuned…



There is no wrong or right way to brew beer. Then again there is commercial beer on one hand, and craft beer on the other. For just the right choice, 961 Beer is dedicated to combine both models creatively to provide beer lovers with standard craft-level beers in higher volumes, producing of a range of competitive savory premium quality craft beers.

We are proud to state that:
- Our ingredients are of the highest quality and completely natural. Additive, corn-starch, and sugar free.
- Our brewing techniques were inspired by great traditions, modern methods, with much room for experimentation.
- Our devotion is unconditional, our passion unquestionable.
- Our team is intelligent, motivated, and dedicated to guarantee your satisfaction.

We simply believe in brewing the absolute best beer we possibly can, at all cost.