Environmental & Social Goals

We take pride in being one of the country's first companies to have a social, and environmental charter. As citizens of the Earth, and of Lebanon specifically, we believe that we have an innate responsibility to do the right thing. This means that although we sometimes make mistakes, we continually strive to act responsibly, and to make a difference in our community. We purchase as many local ingredients as possible, but we do have to import some from abroad. We use traditional Lebanese spices to create exclusive beer flavors that represent our country's uniqueness. Our commitment to regional development has also inspired us to grow our own hops, and draw plans to grow barley locally.

At 961 Beer, we believe in Lebanon as a multicultural state with a creative, and dynamic population. It is this belief that drives us to, and gives us pride in being supporters of Lebanese music and arts. In this respect, we have worked with several local artists, and musicians, and play our role in the promotion of arts in the country.